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Creator Spotlight ⭐️  Nica Mendoza-Reguera, Homemaker & Baker

Creator Spotlight ⭐️ Nica Mendoza-Reguera, Homemaker & Baker

We're so excited to be sharing our next Creator Spotlight today! It is our hope that these talented content creators from our Hooga community will inspire you to create your own cozy online presence. In today's post, Nica Mendoza-Reguera is sharing: her life story, how baking helped her heal from grief, and some tips for you to curate a purposeful business. 
Hi, Nica! Can you tell us about yourself and your passions? We'd love to hear your moving story. 
My name is Nica and I love baking, home designing and hosting small events at home. I got married during the height of pandemic at 32 years old and became a widow exactly 5 months after. I’m a mom of an 11 year-old amazing daughter and I enjoy reading books, listening to podcast and watching k-dramas during my free time.


I stopped baking for a few months after my husband died. One time, his co-worker contacted me and asked if I could bake a carrot cake for a friend's birthday. This is the same cake my husband really likes and it actually pains me to bake it, because I remember his face and how he reacts whenever he eats it, I miss him even more. I couldn't his officemate refuse since they are dear friends to my husband, so I said yes. As I started baking the things I used to bake when my husband was still alive, it made me remember him. [This] utterly brought deep sadness that he’s no longer with me to taste the final product.


At the same time, that moment made me realize that I can do the things I love doing again and it would make him smile and in a way honor him if I continue baking. 



Thank you for sharing your heart with us. What brought you to the Hooga community, and what inspires you? 

When my husband went to be with the Lord, naturally, I was demotivated to do anything. Even baking, which is something I love to do, became a trigger to magnify my grief. I slowly moved forward by doing again the things I love and baking kind of helped me move forward. The Hooga Shop’s Abundant Life Soundtrack helped me focus and relax during that difficult season in my life.

I came across Anh’s youtube video about her journey on having a DIY wedding dress. That was the same time I was looking for my own wedding dress. I was impressed how she’s able to tie up that experience with a godly devotion and that spoke to me as a Christian. Since then, I’ve always watched all her videos and got inspired to be more productive, creative and strive to have an abundant life.


How wonderful—oftentimes moving forward entails rediscovering your passions! Can you tell us about the content you create?
The goal is to increase my following to 2000 in Instagram and 1000 in YouTube as a starter and eventually hit a higher goal as I continue to work on these platforms. This is through therapeutic baking devo tutorials to entice home bakers to explore new and classic baking recipes and eventually draw them closer to Jesus. 


What is one piece of advice that you would give someone who is starting their own online presence?


Focus on serving people and eventually, profit will follow. Be faithful and multiply the gifts God has given you.


People are drawn to videos that show powerful “proof”. There are a lot of videos circulating the information superhighway that it becomes quite the challenge to stand out. We can stand out in the extremely noisy digital space by doing video tutorials, demonstrations, and testimonials. Additionally, it’s important to serve your audience first and then conversion will eventually follow.


What a word! We appreciate your powerful story and encouraging wisdom, Nica! Check out her inspiring, healing photos and words on Instagram and YouTube. Stay tuned as we feature more creators within our community! If you're interested in revamping or kickstarting your own brand the way Nica has, check out the Sanctuary Media Kit today!

With love and coziness,
The Hooga Shop


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