“Hooga” is the endearing English spelling of the Danish word, hygge, which means cozy. The Hooga lifestyle is all about coziness and comfort. From handmade ceramics to peaceful soundtracks and minimalist devotionals, we embrace it all. Our job is to show you how to live this cozy, abundant lifestyle right from where you are. A happy home is a Hooga home!

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Anh Lin


It all began with an idea: what if I was able to transform my home into a cozy sanctuary? I bet it would do wonders for my mood, productivity and overall happiness. That’s exactly what happened when I first got into home design. I was a Copywriter at a small startup when I moved out of my parent’s house. I didn’t have enough money to afford a beautiful home, so I lived in a very old, rundown apartment. I spent one full paycheck on making over the space and turning it into a cozy sanctuary for myself. Because of that comforting space, I slowly became more relaxed, patient, and inspired. It was a safe place for me. Little did I know, that was the beginning of my journey with Hooga.

It’s true that things are just things at the end of the day. However, when used intentionally, our things can serve us in profound ways. My ultimate goal is for this shop to inspire you to live a calmer, simpler, and cozier life.

Welcome to the Hooga lifestyle!


“It's about having an open heart, being kind to others, and being easy on ourselves. There is no need to seek approval or impress anyone.”

— Pia Edberg, The Cozy Life