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'Forever Home' is


Our Community Says

  • "The Hooga Shop products are soo beautiful and calming. It's obvious they were created with love and attention to detail. I'm so thankful. The YouTube channel's soundtrack has been a huge blessing to me as well."

    Mandi Young

  • "The soundtracks have been the perfect way to settle my mind, body, and soul. I use them to focus, relax, and even be inspired. They're well worth it!"

    Alex Herrera

  • "The art prints were beautifully designed. I love to use them as daily reminders of the beauty God has created and the gratitude I have."

    Octavia Sampson

  • "I am obsessed with this journal! It's a journal that also consists of recipes and stickers. I have tried one of the recipes and I loved it. I would recommend everyone to buy it!"

    Pien Berkvens

  • "My mindset and habits over the past 6 months have changed for the better with this abundant life journal, where I consistently learn how God can completely transform my life and those around me."

    Kristine Keller

  • "Please continue to always make the journals. 🙏 I definitely love the simplicity of the journal and how you've delicately created each page. I've also received some digital art prints sent through email and man ... it just gives me so much peace every time I see it ❤"

    Matia Vang

  • "I love The Hooga Shop because of the fantastic quality and care that goes into each item. Everything is so beautifully designed and I will definitely be making future purchases!"

    Claire Wilson

  • "I enjoy the journal so much. It has helped me to examine all my feelings and identify them. I read it everyday."

    Maxine Johnson

  • "I love the prints from The Hooga Shop! They bring me peace throughout the day and remind me to keep my mind and heart focused on God. The purpose this ministry fills a need in our community and I couldn’t be more grateful!"

    Loren Stoller

  • "I absolutely love the devotional journal. It keeps me centered and helps put things into perspective for me."

    Isamari Block

  • "I was so excited to receive my journals and was not disappointed. I ordered one as a Christmas gift and one for myself. The high quality binding and paper quality will hold up well to daily journaling."

    Zina Elston