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How to Embrace Courage

How to Embrace Courage

In our journey through life, we may encounter situations that seem too great to overcome, past mistakes that haunt us, and doubts that cripple our confidence. Yet, in the midst of our vulnerabilities, we can find peace and strength knowing that God can make us courageous. 

Fear is a powerful emotion that can bind us, restricting our ability to embrace the abundant life God has planned for us. It magnifies past experiences and distorts our perception of reality, leading us to believe that the future holds nothing but threats and potential failures. When we succumb to fear, we feel helpless and forget the unwavering faithfulness of our Heavenly Father.

Remember the story of Moses? Despite murdering an Egyptian (Exodus 2:11-12) and experiencing rejection from both the Israelites (Acts 7:35) and even becoming a fugitive of Pharaoh's (Exodus 2:15), God still used Moses as an instrument of liberation for his people. It was through Moses' weaknesses that God displayed His power and delivered the Israelites from oppression. Moses, although filled with fear and flaws, chose to trust in God and His plan, recognizing that his shortcomings cannot not hinder God's ability to work through him.

When we face our fears and turn our gaze toward God, we discover a loving and compassionate Father who hears our cries for help. He does not abandon us or leave us in the dark; instead, He stands beside us, guiding us through every trial and tribulation. Our past mistakes and shortcomings do not define us in God's eyes. He holds us in His hand, assuring us that His promises and words never go unfulfilled.

Just as Moses questioned his abilities, we, too, may find ourselves plagued by self-doubt. We may wonder and have many “what if” questions that cloud our minds. These thoughts can overwhelm us and hinder our progress. However, it is in these moments that we must remember that God is not limited by our limitations. 

Right before Jesus sent out the twelve, he instructed and encouraged his disciples to not be afraid or worry but to have courage for God will equip them with everything even with what to say (Matthew 10). He equips us with everything and there is no lack because of Him. Our part is to trust in His provision and step forward in faith, knowing that He will be with us every step of the way.

Encouragements for You Today:

1. Our brain is wired in a way that reacts to emotions before fully processing the information. When faced with a perceived threat, our amygdala, the emotional center of our brain, reacts swiftly, triggering an immediate emotional response. This happens very quickly before our cognitive regions of the brain are involved to reason or even make decisions. For example, if we see a threat before us, the amygdala (emotional or feeling part of the brain) triggers fear and prepares our body to respond before we can process the details of the situation. This is why sometimes we need time to pause and process. 

2. We also recognize that dwelling too much on our fears can lead to a never-ending cycle, triggering those same emotions over and over again. During times of fear, it can be immensely helpful to shift our focus to God's attributes and character. Let's remember His boundless love, compassion, patience, justice, and righteousness. He is our constant companion, never leaving us abandoned or in the dark. By redirecting our attention towards Him and His character, we can discover comfort and assurance, knowing that He is in control and working everything for our ultimate good.

3. To align our thoughts with God's truth, we can actively seek Him and immerse ourselves in His word. Instead of relying solely on our own understanding or letting our emotions dictate our path, we can trust in Him and His word. By doing so, He will guide us and make our path clear and straight.

4. Talk to someone that is trustworthy and safe to share any struggles in order to process them. Opening up and sharing our burdens allows us to process them more effectively. Through these honest conversations, we can seek guidance when we need it most, finding support and wisdom from those we trust.

5. Remember, we can always pour our hearts out to God, expressing our deepest fears and anxieties. We can ask Him to deliver us from any physical or spiritual oppression. By surrendering our fears to Him, we invite His peace and guidance into our lives. No concern is too big or too small for Jesus, for His love encompasses all.

In our journey of faith, we are bound to face fears and uncertainties. However, we need not be defined by them. God makes us courageous by helping us rise above our limitations and insecurities. Just as He used Moses, and many others, as followers of Christ, He can use us to bring about His purposes in our lives and the lives of others. Overcoming our fears is a process that requires patience and trust in God. And just as Anh said in her new book, FOREVER HOME, “Sometimes God allows us to reach our lowest point so that we can finally look up towards Him.” Let us embrace the truth that God hears our cries, delivers us from our troubles, and can ultimately make us courageous.

We hope this blog post encouraged you to find the strength to step forward in courage! To read more Godly reflections like these, preorder FOREVER HOME by Anh Lin today. Very soon we will be sending free wallpapers to all those who preorder! Thank you so much for your support of Anh and our team here at The Hooga Shop.


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    This is so much of strengthening and adding peace to our soul when we are facing struggles in our life.

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