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God is Our Ever-Present Refuge

God is Our Ever-Present Refuge

Hi, Hooga friends! We know it’s hard to ignore what’s happening in our world today as we watch the news and scroll through social media.

The Psalmist describes in Psalm 46:1-11 the uproar of waters foaming, the earth giving way, mountains falling into the heart of the sea, nations shaking, and kingdoms falling. Yet, amidst it all, we’re given three encouragements:

  1. Do not fear.  
  2. Come and see what the Lord has done.
  3. Be still. 

It can be challenging to hear these gentle voices of God and impossible to obey when chaos uproars but today, we hope to encourage you with these reminders.

When loved ones hurt us, and we’re vulnerable, God is protecting our hearts. Even though things are breaking around us, at the same time, God is holding onto us. When our senses are overwhelmed by the storms, it's encouraging that God doesn’t ask us to ignore the disruptions, but we can exercise our faith and see Jesus is with us. Therefore, he comforts us not to be afraid.

When we see our failures and it seems nothing is going well in our world, God calls us and recalls what He has done. And even though we see the wars around us, He calls us to see Him, who is the One to make wars cease. He reveals His goodness and brings calm. Therefore, our hearts can trust and praise him for what He has done and will do. We are never stuck.

When problems arise, we tend to go into repair mode because chaos calls us into action. Sometimes we’ll pray for God’s help but get back to fixing everything that’s broken. We begin to feel streams of anxiety and end up strategizing exactly how we will make things right. But Christ calls us to be still and acknowledge Him as our Savior and our Sovereign One. Therefore, when the world is raging, our faith brings us into the stillness of God's refuge.

We hope this blog gives you a way to spend time with Jesus, and as you do, we hope The Abundant Life Devotional Journal becomes a space to write your reflections, inner-most thoughts, and prayers.

Please share your reflections or prayer requests in the comment section below or tag us @TheHoogaShop. We love hearing from you!

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  • Lynn

    I needed these words of encouragement today. I read Aimee’s comments and I Immediately wanted to offer her words of encouragement and then I realized God is in my heart, because I cared about her (a stranger) struggles more than my own at that moment. Be Still and listen with your heart.

  • Ang

    God is speaking through you ☆

  • Aimee

    Good afternoon, thank you for this encouraging message TODAY. I sooo needed this. Your kind words explain more or less exactly how I am feeling and have been for over a yr. A full yr of frustration, confusion, discouragement, fighting, fretful, fear, low confidence and anger. Anger bc it seems like my prayer are not being answered and things have just got worse. I experience a heart attack 2 weeks after I had my baby girl Jubilee. I had to take time off work and while I was recovering my job let me go and I have been on edge every since. My family moved a year before my health issues & it was hard being away from them during these trying times. I lost my closest friends & I dnt have immediate family around. It’s just me & my two kids. My 16yr old son & my now 1yr daughter. I’ve been so frustrated with God bc things just keep getting worse. Just hoping for peace & more support. Keep us in yals prayers. Samuel Jubilee & myself-Aimee
    💛🌻God Bless

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