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Godly Journaling Prompts for 2022 ✨

Godly Journaling Prompts for 2022 ✨

Although it's easy to get lost in the busyness of the holidays, the beginning of the year is a great time to slow down and set intentions! Trust us—your direction matters much more than your speed in the grand scheme of things. This is why our team at Hooga will be embarking on a 31-day journaling challenge, and we want to invite YOU to join us! Here are our 31 reflection questions, one for each day of the month. Feel free to share your reflections with us in the comments below or tag us on social media @TheHoogaShop!

  1. What would you categorize as essential in your life? What would you categorize as trivial?
  2. If you could focus most of your energy into growing one aspect of your life this year, what would it be?
  3. How can you use your talents and resources to help others this year?
  4. How can you prioritize your time with God each day?
  5. What is one habit that you want to break this year? What first step can you take to break it?
  6. What are the three biggest perspective changes you've had within the past year?
  7. How can you practice separating your identity from your failures and accomplishments this year?
  8. Which areas of your life do you struggle with the scarcity mindset the most (the fear of not having enough)?
  9. How can you hold yourself accountable to an abundant mindset this year (the mindset of having enough)?
  10. How has God shown His faithfulness to you within the past year?
  11. What personal quality do you want to strengthen this year? What first step can you take to achieve that?
  12. How can you draw better boundaries this year?
  13. What will your prayer life look like this year?
  14. What did your quiet time look like in 2020? How will you improve it this year?
  15. What is one thing you discovered about yourself in 2021 that you would like to change in 2022?
  16. Are there relationships you need to renew or repair? Write one or two names down and brainstorm a couple of ways to reach out to them or pray for them.
  17. What is your biggest fear? How has that fear impacted your life thus far?
  18. What is one thing that went badly or that you wish you had handled differently?
  19. How has God used others to shape you into who you are today?
  20. How would you rate your physical, emotional, and mental health in 2021? What changes can you make to improve your health in each of these areas?
  21. Name one major disappointment you encountered within the past year. How did you encounter Jesus in that disappointment?
  22. How has the heart of Jesus increased in you in a way that causes you to treat others differently?
  23. In what area do you need to be challenged to be more faithful?
  24. Name three specific prayers that God has answered within the past year. What does that tell you about His character?
  25. What things make you grow closer to Jesus? What things make you grow further from Him?
  26. What first step can you take to honor the body that God has given you?
  27. What is one verse or passage that speaks to you in this chapter of your life? How does it relate to your situation?
  28. How has Jesus demonstrated His love for you in this chapter of your life?
  29. How can you practice having a gentler heart this year?
  30. What is something happening right now that you can’t accomplish without God’s help?
  31. Name one major way in which God turned a bad situation around for good. What does this tell you about His character?

Were there any questions that you found especially challenging? We look forward to reading your reflections in the comments! PS - Click on the button below to shop for our favorite devotional journal!





Credits: Some journaling prompts were inspired by the following articles: 1, 2, 3.


  • The Hooga Shop

    Genesis, we’re so glad that you enjoy prompt #9! You truly inspire us :)

  • Genesis Sampson

    I really like question #9, though these all look great! I think it’s so important to develop a mindset of enough. And thanks for crediting my site! I’m really glad that they were able to inspire some of your great ideas :)

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