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Jesus, Our Good Shepherd

Jesus, Our Good Shepherd

Throughout the Bible, God is described in various roles and titles, each revealing a unique aspect of His character, such as The Word, Savior, or Judge. One of the earliest names Jacob used to describe God in Genesis 48 and 49 was "The Shepherd." Many biblical figures, such as Abel, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, and David, were shepherds themselves, mirroring the qualities of Jesus as the ultimate Shepherd. Shepherds are well known to feed, nurture, guide, lead, and protect their sheep. The sheep are entirely dependent on their shepherds for their very existence. Similarly, Jesus calls us to Him, assuring us that He will care for us. He offers eternal life in His hands, promises that no one can snatch us away from His loving care, and lifts off every weight so we can be free.

In Psalm 23, David poetically expresses his deep trust in the Lord as his Shepherd. He acknowledges that with the Shepherd leading him, he lacks nothing. David recognizes that true rest, nourishment, protection, and guidance come only from Shepherd's hand. Shepherds are defenders against predators threatening the flock's safety. Just as they shield their sheep from coyotes, wolves, and other dangers, our Shepherd, Jesus, is committed to safeguarding us. He watches over us diligently, leading us away from harm and guiding us to places of nourishment and refreshment. Even in the darkest valley, David refuses to fear evil, knowing that the Shepherd is by his side, comforting him. 

God's love and care for us are so amazing! In a world filled with uncertainty, fear, and weariness, we can find solace and security in our compassionate Shepherd. He cares for us in ways we cannot care for ourselves. Our rest, daily bread, peace, destiny, calling, protection, forgiveness, and even our inheritance—all of these are in the hands of our Shepherd, not our own. Jesus follows us with love and goodness every step, empowering us to look to Him and embrace each day filled with hope. After the toils and struggles of this life, our ultimate reward awaits us. Our Shepherd promises to dwell together with us forever. It is where all our sorrows, pains, and insecurities will be washed away, replaced by everlasting peace, joy, and fulfillment. 

We hope these promises fuels your journey as you follow Jesus, The Good Shepherd, faithfully knowing He is holding you and offering you a forever home with Him.

Our team at Hooga would love to pray for you so please leave your prayer requests in the comment section below.

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  • Joan Wamukisa

    Always blessed by your content. Please keep up the good work because it ministers to many. Shalom.

  • CeCe

    Please pray for me to have the strength to find some sort of happiness having to be married to a severe narcissist, as he is the bread winner, and provides health care for me. It has been almost 28 yrs. long…………now. I need prayer for the Lord to give me strength to endure. And for him to show me happiness and contentment in ways that he knows I need. Thank you….hugs.

  • Mirna Domínguez

    Hello, please pray for wisdom for our marriage as we are going through hard times. Blessings and thank you for this devotional it’s really lift me up .

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