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New Year Reflections: Throwing Our Nets of Faith

New Year Reflections: Throwing Our Nets of Faith

Happy 2023 Hooga Friends!

Today, we invite you to spend some time reflecting on Matthew 4:18-20.

As Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee, He saw two brothers, Simon called Peter, and his brother Andrew. They were casting a net into the sea, for they were fishermen. "Come, follow Me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men." And at once they left their nets and followed Him. —Matthew 4:18-20

What did Jesus bring to light for you as you read the word?

For us, we learned that following Jesus is a relationship. Every day he invites us to commune with Him, which requires us to "throw our nets" to align with Him. Following Jesus comes at the cost of full surrender because it means leaving things behind and letting go of control of what we think is best for us. When we look at Jesus inviting people to know Him, He regularly convicted them in their most vulnerable areas, whether it was to give up their status, possessions, or whatever that was preventing them from fully devoting themselves to Him.

By faith, the disciples surrendered despite their uncertainties, and Jesus assured them of what He would do with and through them. In Matthew 19:29, Jesus shared, "Everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters: But there will be universal honor for all who sacrifice for Jesus' sake; whatever has been given up for Him will be returned to us a hundred times over—in addition to everlasting life." This means that any sacrifices we make as we follow Jesus will not go unnoticed by the Lord. He sees it all—our silent moments of suffering as well as our cheerful sacrifices for the faith. Do not lose heart. 

This new year, we invite you to pray, listen, and ask Jesus to highlight anything He wants you to leave behind. Here are some reflection questions to get you started:

1. What is one area of your life that God has called you to surrender to Him?

2. What breakthroughs are you praying for in 2023?

We pray that whatever the Lord shines upon you during this time, you will be encouraged to trust in Him more than ever. He will take care of you and carry you through your daily trials.

We love reading your comments, so don't hesitate to share your answers and prayer requests with us in the comment section below. For more daily devotionals and reflection questions to draw you closer to Jesus, check out The Abundant Life Devotional Journal!


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  • Briar Rose

    Sorry I guess the first link didn’t work!

  • Briar Rose

    Wow! What a beautiful and timely message!! Thank you SO much for sharing with us. I think this message is one God really wanted me to understand. I watched this video as well, and it talks about this exact principal of leaving behind things that distract from our spiritual purpose and following the Lord like Peter did, especially by serving others!! I highly recommend! It’s like 2 minutes and it’s amazing and goes along with this message perfectly!

    It’s scary to leave behind things that we are comfortable with (like Peter with his profession of fishing) to venture into the unknown, but knowing that the Lord will be with us the entire way makes it an exciting journey we don’t have to do alone!

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