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Creator Spotlight ⭐️   Melody Lipford, Poet & Author

Creator Spotlight ⭐️ Melody Lipford, Poet & Author

Welcome to our Creator Spotlight! From now on, we will be featuring some of the wonderful content creators and small business owners within our Hooga community! We hope that this will inspire you guys to go out there and create a positive impact the world with your online presence. Of course, our incredible team and cozy products will also be here to help you along the way. Today, we want you to meet a long-time Hooga supporter and subscriber, Melody Lipford!
Hi, Melody! Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you came to know Hooga? 
My name is Melody Lipford and I am a Christian author and poet from southwest Virginia. Ever since I was in college, I have enjoyed watching the Youtube Channel of The Hooga Shop's founder, Anh Lin, and have found her social media posts engaging, creative, and calming. During times of stress, your phone wallpapers (among other digital products from The Hooga Shop) have been a daily visual reminder for me to focus on gratitude and my faith despite the challenges or problems that may arise in my life.
That's so wonderful to hear! What inspires you to write?
My goal is to use my love for writing and poetry to help uplift and empower others in their God-given identity, and ultimately, point people to our eternally loving Heavenly Father. Poetry has become a sacred practice that has helped my mental health and fueled my faith journey.
Faith and mental health definitely go hand-in-hand. Can you tell us about how The Hooga Shop has impacted your Christian poetry platform(s)?
I am so grateful for the Sanctuary Social Media Starter Kit from your shop! It has been essential in helping me revamp my Instagram poetry account and my Facebook page. I use the story cover images and graphic backgrounds to display my poetry pieces, such as for my most recent poem, Speak Honey. I was also able to use the media kit graphics to announce my upcoming poetry project, and I noticed that I received more engagement after using the graphics. This encourages me to eventually implement the social media kit on my website as well.

What is one piece of advice that you would give someone who is starting their own online presence?
I would suggest not rushing to create content, but instead, be purposeful and intentional with the media you post on your social media pages and/or website. It is so important to be authentic on your social media platforms! Remember that the quality of your content is better than the quantity of your content. Being specific, informative, and engaging with your followers is much more appealing than several posts that are confusing for your reader.
Thank you so much for sharing your writing and wisdom with us, Melody! Check out her beautiful words on Instagram, Facebook, and Wordpress. Stay tuned as we feature more creators within our community! If you're interested in revamping or kickstarting your own brand the way Melody has, check out the Sanctuary Media Kit today!
With love and coziness,
The Hooga Shop


  • Cherokee

    Shalom blessings, Melody, I loved your sweet vibe in your writing, I too am a scribe aka writer with the gift of words and writing, I really enjoy up lifting others with words . Though I am very private I may purchase wallpapers and stuff to express myself online in a private member only site, I don’t think our privacy should be lost on the internet and people are too loose with thier lives and information online, this creates abuse and taking the sacred for granted, Blessings to all here Ahn Li and all, blessings Cher

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