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Your Weekly Dose of Cozy Home Inspiration

Your Weekly Dose of Cozy Home Inspiration

Coziness looks a little different for every person, all over the world. Today, we're shedding some light on a member of the Hooga community who lives in New Zealand. Introducing: Alexa, aka, on Instagram! Alexa has been curating her peaceful home and sharing the journey on social media for just over a year. We asked her a few questions in order to encourage you to create your own cozy space and share it with the world. 


A cozy mirror selfie that features Alexa's organic wall mirror, a decorative vase, and our devotional journal! Aesthetic books and journals will add personality and interest to your space.


Thank you for sharing your home with us! Can you tell us about yourself and your home decor aesthetic? 

My name is Alexa and I live in New Zealand. It’s hard to put it [my aesthetic into] one word because I literally just design my home with pieces that are so pretty. But I like my home to feel very calming, cozy and aesthetically pleasing at the same time ❤️ 

Alexa is a DIY queen! She made this bedside table with an ottoman and a tabletop. Click on the image for her process explanation.

She also created this Harry Potter-themed table setting. How stunning are those floating candles? 

We're so glad that you're a part of the Hooga fam! What kinds of emotions do you want guests to feel when they are in your home? 

I want them to feel like they are at a retreat! The area I live in is quite secluded and surrounded by nature.

Everyone that has been to our house has commented how peaceful and homely it feels whenever they come over. Some say they could literally feel peace and nap anywhere in my home. My favourite piece of furniture would be our couch in the living room! It’s my absolutely couch of my dreams!

Said cozy couch and a blanket storage basket with the perfect amount of texture!
We certainly feel at peace from simply admiring your photos! Behind every curated home is a thoughtful designer. Can you share some of your life story with us? 
A bit of a back story, I was born into a Christian household. So I knew about God ever since I was little, but never really bothered to have a personal relationship with God. There was a time of my life where I was always trying to do life all by myself and eventually felt exhausted and defeated whenever things in life wouldn’t work out. I was relying heavily on myself and forgot about God and the power of prayer.

Luckily, I am a part of a pastoral group and have people to keep me on the right track, which has motivated me to actually put into action of knowing who God is and His work.

The Abundant Life Devotional Journal has really kickstarted everything for me. It's been a life-changer. Ever since I got it, it has helped me work towards my goal of building a routine of knowing God more. The messages and reflections in this journal are truly amazing. The layout and the way this journal was designed is so beautiful 🥰
 Alexa printed one of our free graphics from and framed it! Our designs are designed for mobile wallpapers and desktop wallpapers, but are high quality and perfect for printing. Enjoy the free downloads! 
Thank you so much for sharing your home and story with us, Alexa. You can enjoy her inspiring photos on Instagram... and if you're feeling inspired to create a cozy space for yourself, share your process on social media and tag us @thehoogashop. We adore featuring members of our community so that we can all inspire each other!
With love and coziness,
The Hooga Shop

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