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Creator Spotlight ⭐️  Huong Pham

Creator Spotlight ⭐️ Huong Pham

We're back sharing another Creator Spotlight! Huong Pham is a small content creator, sharing the "small joys and the simple pleasures in life" on her InstagramYouTube, and website. She enjoys sharing her hobbies, interests, and experiences with her community, focusing on the emotions and feelings she wants to evoke in her viewers. She writes blog posts as an extension of her peaceful videos to share her thoughts in written form. Today, she will share her experience using Hooga's Social Media Starter Kit. We hope it inspires you to build your own joyful, peaceful online community!


"In the beginning, I did the simplest and easiest, which was to use the backgrounds in the starter kit to share my stories. One of my goals was to share more regularly on Instagram Stories, and the starter kit made it easy to put on a photo or a clip as is and then post it without too much thought. As I got more comfortable navigating Stories, I became more creative using the starter kit's backgrounds. This meant experimenting with images overlay, using different shapes and stickers, and testing out the color droplet tool to maintain a cohesive color scheme."'

"Now, instead of thinking of a Story post as a single slide, I try to think of how I can create multiple slides which will tell a story or a process. This led me to think about how I can include elements for Story engagements, such as polls, sliders, etc. I had an idea of what this concept entails, but it wasn't until I implemented the starter kit that I started thinking about Instagram Stories in this way. It made me feel excited about sharing and using the starter kit more!


"Implementing the starter kit was a learning process with several trials. I would suggest that others create a separate album to house the background images to easily access them on their mobile/Instagram, rather than scrolling through the photo library."



Huong, we hope you can continue nurturing these small joys and simple pleasures in your life. Thank you all for following along as we feature these talented creators who've implemented our Social Media Starter Kits

With love and coziness, 

The Hooga Shop

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