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Creator Spotlight ⭐️  Micaiah

Creator Spotlight ⭐️ Micaiah

Another week, another amazing Creator Spotlight! As we feature talented content creators from our Hooga community, we hope you will be inspired to grow your own cozy online presence, too! Micaiah blogs on The Peacebuilder's Cottage, and today she's going to share her moving life story, tips to build a meaningful online presence, and her inspiring love for peacebuilding. Read along to see how our soundtracks, starter kits, journal, and meditations equipped Micaiah to overcome trauma and pursue peace. 
Hi, Micaiah! Thank you for being willing to share your story with the Hooga community. Can you tell us a little about yourself? 

 Hi! My name is Micaiah, creator of the blog, The Peacebuilder’s Cottage! I am a Christian, California girl, creative soul, and young professional in the field of international peacebuilding and collaborative policy. That’s quite a mouthful, so more generally, I’m just a girl deeply passionate about creating spaces that foster understanding, grace, and restoration. 


It's wonderful to meet you! What kinds of life events have led you to the pursuit of peace, faith, and healing?
I grew up in Northern California in a single parent household for most of my life with my mom and two sisters. As a young adult, I pushed through obstacles and eventually began placing my identity in my grit and ability to be independent. I believed all my worries were over when I was accepted into my dream graduate program. However, everything came to a crashing halt in 2021 when I suffered a traumatic brain injury early in the new year. After the injury, my body grew deeply sensitive to stressors to the point where I felt pain in my head when listening to traumatic events on the news. This forced me to take stock of what I consumed, cultivate more balance in what I allowed into my life, and approach my schoolwork in a way that was as healing as possible.
Recovering was a long and winding journey. However, that very journey forced me to confront whether I trusted God to fulfill His promises despite my physical ability to “make it happen” in my own strength. I learned that when I am weak, then I am strong, because the true source of my strength comes from Christ.
Ultimately, that was a point in my life where I gained more perspective. I often joked with friends that I learned so much about peace from resting in my bed – but it was so true. I prayed, listened to worship music and the Abundant Life Guided Meditations, cried (a lot), and quieted my mind despite fears about not recovering, not finishing school, and not finding a job. That recovery time gave me the space to quiet my soul, rest in God’s peace, and align myself mentally, physically, and spiritually for the first time. The Hooga Shop played a tremendous role in helping me to cultivate peace at home! The soundtracks have truly helped to ground me in the moment and work through anxiety. The Abundant Life Guided Meditations also helped me to heal in 2021 and now believe in my trifold purpose in 2022.



Wow, God has taken you on quite a journey in the past few years! Thank you for sharing your growth and healing with us. What inspires you to share your passions on social media?

Simply put, the goal of my lifestyle blog is to help people build peace into their everyday lives by fostering an online space that inspires reflection, restoration, and community. In peacebuilding, we are encouraged to approach our lives and work in a way where we think about our thinking so that we are more conscious of how our thoughts influence our daily choices. This ultimately helps us make better choices that and foster a stronger sense of wellbeing. Peacebuilding also emphasizes the value of storytelling, which will be a key component of my blog. I plan to share stories related to my faith, personal life lessons, and from my work in peace studies.  


Can you tell us how you grew your social media presence in the past few months?
I honestly cannot say describe how much the Anh and the Hooga Shop have helped me. The Abundant Life Guided Meditations truly transformed the way I see myself and my life’s purpose. The Hooga Shop has helped me to believe in the value of my ideas and in the power of my story. The Social Media Starter Kits brought more traffic to my Instagram page and saved me a significant amount of time with finding soothing music and honing my Instagram’s aesthetic. 

I began implementing the starter kit by first listening to the music in the Sanctuary Kit and reflecting on how the songs made me feel. Doing so helped me stay in the right frame of mind as I worked on my content. I also incorporated the Instagram story backgrounds and highlight covers so that my page could feel calming and welcoming. 



We're so happy to be on this journey with you!! What's one piece of advice that you'd give to someone who is starting a small business or online presence?

Don’t be afraid to take the first step and avoid negative self-talk!

Such a powerful word! Thank you, Micaiah, for sharing your moving story and peaceful passions with us. Check out her inspiring, healing photos and words on Instagramwebsite, and YouTube. If you're interested in revamping or kickstarting your own brand the way Micaiah has, check out the Sanctuary Media Kit today!

With love and coziness,
The Hooga Shop


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