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Creator Spotlight ⭐️ Yambakam Nyangani

Creator Spotlight ⭐️ Yambakam Nyangani

There are tons of creators in the Hooga community who are making amazing, cozy content. It is our hope that these talented content creators from our Hooga community will inspire you to curate your own peaceful life. Today, we've got another Creator Spotlight that features Yambakam Nyangani. She's going to share her creative mission, vlogging tips, and some free entrepreneurship resources. Keep reading for the ultimate motivation to go after your goals 💪🏻

Hi, Yambakam! Can you tell us about yourself and your passions? We want to get to know you as a creator and a person! 

I am Yambakam Nyangani. The best way to describe me is the hub of joy on a mission to make the world a better place by spreading God's love and word. I am a child of God, Nigerian-born, Jamaican grown, Canadian student trying to curate my best life! I am a blogger and vlogger on Instagram (@yambakam.curates) and Youtube (Yambakam Nyangani) surrounded by a wonderful online community to whom I share my life experiences and struggles around school, faith, and productivity. 

Can you tell us about the kind of content you create and its mission?
The goal of my brand is to continuously provide support for young individuals that work, increase efficiency in their lives, and encourage them to take care of themselves whilst going after their goals. Working to build a supportive community that offers tongue individuals the tools to go after the passions placed in their hearts.
I encourage young individuals to find planning systems that work best for their lifestyles and implore them to work towards achieving their goals. I offer tips on financial growth and productivity, and I expand on the varying types of journaling and their benefits. 



Your content is relatable, joyful, and delightful. What inspires your creative process, and how did you find out about the Hooga community?
I found out about The Hooga Shop from Anh Lin’s Youtube channel. Some of my favorite elements from Anh’s channel (the soothing atmosphere, the music, and aesthetics) are all part of The Hooga Shop so I had to check it out and subscribe to everything, from the YouTube channel to the Instagram to the email newsletter. It has given me the permission to choose my version of productivity and continuously provides comfort and calmness. The Hooga Shop’s devotional journal is a tool that has challenged me to actively incorporate my faith into all aspects of my life.


What wisdom would you share with someone who's starting to vlog? We love your enthusiasm and passion!

 I started vlogging in May 2021. For someone starting vlogging, I would advise that you start by practicing with short form mediums like Instagram stories or Snapchat. You could vlog your typical day or a special day. 

If you feel anxious about vlogging in public, try going out with people you feel comfortable around or those that will help you out if needed.

It is important to plan. Planning—not scripting—offers you a guide on what to capture. It is good to have an idea of when or where to start, the most important things or activities to capture, and the endpoint. You could jot this in notepad or digital form and go back to it as often as needed.

Tweak as you go. The vlog sketch is not set in stone, so as you start vlogging be prepared to change camera angles, storylines, etc.

Immediately after [you're done filming], sort the videos and store them together. The footage can be a lot so it’s best to start preparing them for editing. Whilst editing, try to create a story and offer a  lesson or two.



Do you have any resources that have helped you kickstart your online presence?

Yes I do! There are too many resources accessible for you to go in blind. I would suggest you do research well, learn using free or paid resources, and gradually implement [what you learn].

  1. Be Boss Academy offers a free Branding checklist and a free brand kickstarter course.
  2. Listening to podcasts and watching education videos will teach you about social media branding: Erin On Demand, Think Media, Creator Club Podcast, Creative PepTalk and The Goal Digger Podcast.
  3. Free email courses offered by social media experts for the specific platforms you use can be extremely helpful. For example, digital marketer, Katie Steckly, who has expertise for content creation on Instagram, YouTube, and podcasting. She offers a freebie for Instagram posting
  4. Email lists are also a great means of getting tools to help you continue learning about upgrading your brand as you go along. Some awesome email lists to sign up for include: Later, Planoly, Kahlea Nicole and Sean Cannell. 

No matter the kind of business you are starting, branding is pivotal to access your target audience, so making the effort to invest in a product like The Hooga Shop’s Social Media Kit is worthwhile. 

When I got the Starter Kit, The first thing I did was to go through each image and listen to each soundtrack. I then compared it to what I formerly had and assessed what changes I needed to make. Not being acquainted with Adobe Photoshop (a medium needed in order to use images in the kit), I took the time to learn the skills and implement necessary changes. Thanks to The Hooga Shop, I have an addition to my knowledge repository.

My advice is to pick one or two [resources] and get started. Avoid going into information overload—rather, focus on learning, practicing, and improving.

Thank you for sharing all of your resources and experience with us, Yambakam!  Get motivated and inspired by her content on Instagram and YouTube. Stay tuned as we feature more creators within our community! If you're interested in revamping or kickstarting your own brand the way  Yambakam has, check out the Greenhouse Media Kit today!

With love and coziness,
The Hooga Shop

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